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    April 21, 2013
    8:44 - 9:14pm PDT  

around and you are champion and is to the san francisco general hospital foundation and particularly kelly long who has champions wrap around and given i go u.s. the abet to expand and grow and to our national brother and is sisters out there who also have wrap around project and for awful you this support is amazings and finally i want to thank my incredible colleagues in the department of surgery for your support and belief and is your mentor ship when it comes to doctor peggy and doctor bob and doctor campbell for your mentor ship and my colleagues and coen and i thank you. (applause) thanks for mayor of san francisco, edwin lee and the board of supervisors these are all people who not only believes in wrap around but put fining
behind it and in fact it cost so much in the way of resource to save one person in violate injury but it's the less than the cost of resid victim and so i want to thank aum you have in the name of hope and belief in our communities for allowing us to do this work and continuing and to kaiser meta fund and at&t those who have believed in us and finally, i want to thank my valentine scot lord because everyday is valentine's day with you. thank you.
(applause) . . >> our final award will be pretend by the executive vice president of group lead social responsibility union bank.. >> well good morning everyone it's great to be here to see all of you and hear some of these ininspiringing stories from yawn and david and certainly listening to the moving transcribe beauty begin by row chyle and i the privilege of
introducing two extraordinary individuals and it's my privilege to be here representing union bank also in support of san francisco general hospital what i think many of you don't know is many of my early roots were in the hospital as well. my mother was a licensed vocational nurse and she became a nurse by a program that was instituted by a hospital in languages martin king hospital in los angeles and it was economically transformationle for my family and one of the reasons that i'm here today and so it's good to be here joining the san francisco general hospital foundation and honoring all of these people and at union bank we think these partnership and is are centrally building the
blocks that build our community we have sente foundation do that demonstrating excellence, innovation and access and, quality of healthcare since the beginning. the foundation's sole mission is to improve the care and comfort of patients at the general. that mission continues today. and as we expand into the recognition of world renown research and training excellence, that takes place in the hospital's campus each day, the hospital is the hub of cutting edge medical research and is the training, real of meeting for tomorrow's healthcare providers the union bank support of the foundation we are working to secure the future of healthcare in our communities. i'm proud to introduce the final award des who are prime examples of quality, excellence and leadership, and we see in the
hospital each and everyday. with 22 years of combined experience at the general, oncology resource workers carolyn land and rashel oakland help canner patient and their families cope with this debill at a timing distance with grace and compassion. years of navigating the patient population of the complex system of coverage and healthcare these women work to meet each individual's needs and carol helped one young family who's head of household was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and it had spread to his spine and bones. they coordinated transportation, financial support, and child care for the patient's young children. in addition,, care lynn rachel setup the family with support
groups, therapy, communicationed with the schools and advocated for the patient and their families with the healthcare providers additional lesion a common request of patients who are near the end of their life is to return to their country of origin, here again care lynn work tirelessly to facility these requests with the family overseas they wrote letters to the embassy and is conscientious late and is place sure those wishes came true. care lynn and rachel do what they can nor the families and make that are every member of their clinic staff write condoll lens cards and the sympathy for the tragedyity conveyed throughout every step of the process, care lynn and rash chyle made sure that the patient received of the best possible care and personal if
you have please welcome care lynn and rachel: (applause) ism (applause) . >> hi. so on behalf of rachel and myself our i would like to first thank -- for offering this incredible honor. but more importantly we want to thank the san francisco general hospital foundation for the work you do
everyday to support san francisco general hospital to help us to continue to pursue our wishes of helping those in need. so we we are here today because of and on behalf of daniel abraham. (applause) . and the entire small but mighty hematology, oncology division at san francisco general hospital. (applause) . >> rachel and i are proud to be part of this dedicated team
team team and understand that between the patient with cancer, you must acknowledge and treat not just their bodies but their mind and their soul. you must recognize that unless patient and the family are peopleally and tactally cared for. they will not be able to survive their cancer treatment. or to face the end of their life with diggity. so, rachel and i feel very bless and had lucky to the able to work with a team of people so dedicated and providing incredible surface. to what limits this office all of the time to and patients that often have nowhere else to turn
to. thank you . >> we are also here today represented our other professionals family sharon khan with the family medical services at san francisco general. we are proud to be part of a group of amazing social workers who work everyday often unrecognized under appreciated and under paid to care for the most vulnerable woman of france and we are work in different clinickics and divisions but each of us embrace the social work profession to help meet the basic needs of all people with particulars attention to the needs of people who are vulnerable and in poverty and despite the challenges of healthcare today we stand firm
in our commitment to this mission and believe that a lot of people in this city would be a lot worse off if social workers weren't around. (applause) carol and i are heros today so are all the social workers of san francisco general and we continue to be inspired by the work they do today. nobody want to have cancer it's not part of the plan that we all have for our lives it's most likely that each person here today has been itemed by can retro a friend or family member and now imagine going through surgery and if you are knew to this country and don't speak english if you are a single mother with no church or do a minimum wage job with no health insurance if you loss your home last month due to the
rents raise in san francisco and are sleepling on a couch and amendment shorn is nothing if you don't have a safe place to go to sleep at night or a our patients didn't on san francisco hospital foundation and individuals like you here today to help them travel this journey with a little bit of diggity and carol and i wake up everyday to do this job that is so hard first of all, because we have the support of our friend and family that are here today we we it's an amazing thing to touch the life of someone evidence. it's really the believe that if you get up and do this work you can hale this world just a little bit i personally woudn't trade that feel for anything and i hope this is a roiledder today to stop expo and help those around you and be a help to host
in your life the loved ones that bring you joy. thank you very much. (applause) . (applause) congratulations to all of the heros and artists thank you again to our sponsors at&t. chevron energy solutions, connie frank foundation, jinn ethic intel and mc castle foundation the stanley s foundation union bank, visa wells far go pg&e
cummings west and rich and gudegee guggenheim. placegees web corp builders and the lunch is due to our in-kind media sponsors who we would like to also thank c cbs and one 07 a and one 06.9 f and suffrage business times. san francisco chronicle and san francisco and san francisco mag magazine and beach pointed babylon and thank you to awful you who support the foundation, the general and this event we look forward to seeing many of you this evening at hearts after dark. ladies and gentlemen ...
i'm maria, executive director of the transit joint powers authority. i can't tell you how excited i am to be here on this special occasion. congratulations, everyone, we did it. before i jump to remarks i wanted to recognize senator boxer along with senator feinstein and pelosi has been extremely helpful to helping us where we are today. also from railroad association
and secretary los angeles -- we received grants that has the project under construction today. thank you for all of your support. [ applause ] >> as everyone knows six years ago we held an international contest to design the property where we stand today. the architects won that competition with a design for the transit center that stands as a model of elegance and functionality. 3 years ago we broke ground for the construction and now it's in full construction and you can hear the cranes next to us. now we have a record land sale of $191 million of ceremonial ground break which is the tallest tower in the western
mississippi. mr. pell i has designed the transit tower and will highlight the importance of public transit to the region and state of california. as you know, the pros -- proceeds of the sale will help construct the transit center and allow us to keep thousands of jobs to our disadvantaged communities and veterans and women and also allow us to keep our mentor ship for our youth. that's what the transit project center is doing. the development of the tower, has committed to build i am improvements with the transit center and you will see mission square which will serve
as the primary entrance to the square. it will allow public access and providing a meeting and resting place for travelers and workers and residents in the area. the workers in the tower will have direct access to the rooftop that will allow benefits to work in the neighborhood. we congratulate them to the project and welcome them to our community. [ applause ] i would now like to introduce the man who has been essential and continues to be vital to the project, ed lee, our mayor of san francisco. mayor lee firmly believed and supported the project since it's inception when he was at the department of public works and then as a city administrator.
for that, i'm profoundly grateful. without your support we would not be here today. thanks to the plan to promote transportation and development. another infrastructure for sustainable development. mr. mayor lee. thank you. >> thank you, maria, you know, i want to begin by thanking maria because she's now on her third mayor. and if you are someone who is heading up such and important project for the city and you have to transition every time a mayor comes in, one has to appreciate the anxiety, the twist and turns,
the foresight, the confidence that she must continue instilling in her small staff, but more importantly in the investor community because this is where it's at. and if she doesn't have a good story to tell, with a lot of confidence, then her job is going to be even harder and the economy did not help the last 10 years to make that story any better. so with that, i want to just give a hearty thanks to maria's leadership for the last decade-and-a-half for putting together this project and her continued perseverance to make this happen. today we celebrate the sale of the land for the transbay transit tower. to the entrance transbay transit
authority, for the first time i met mr. heinz, i can going to hang out with them more because i have heard a lot of stories between you that will help me run this city better. i will say that when this transit tower is complete, it will have the impact of transforming our city skyline with the tallest structure west of the mississippi and chicago. i'm about to leave for china tomorrow, and i get to go to china and tell them we've got the tallest building west of the mississippi, what about you? they are probably going to tell me they have tall buildings there as well but we at least have bragging rights. the state of the art, sustainable features, a plan,
1.4 million square foot office tower, developed, owned and operated by heinz. they are reoccurring the renounced architect. this is going to bring 142 good construction jobs in san francisco. i want to thank everybody that has been involved in this. as you can see the former transbay terminal site is exciting for me. when i was by willie brown, former mayor, i remember cleaning out behind the greyhound station and moving people along inside and outside that terminal and now to know
that demolition is complete, it helped people get jobs particularly because of the funds made available. there were 55,000 hours of labor all done without any accident or injury in that demolition. 90 percent of that important work was completed by the 9 counties bay air -- area labor force. that's incredible for the work force throughout the bay area. we today celebrate it's anchor in all of it's whole region. it will be really what will be built in the near future to serve our city and our region. we have always believe that a transit center is a critical anchor for the jobs in the city. it's the best future for
our cities, great transit access, dynamic mixed urban centers, a place for innovation and inspiration. we truly believed that over two decades ago when we started this. within one block of this transit center, there are 4 office buildings under construction, about to begin construction and taken together with today's announcements, i think it's safe to say our bet was confident. this new transit center is only the beginning of what will be happening in blocks surrounding this site. last year the board of supervisors an approved the plan for an area around downtown strans san francisco
to be the center of our region to go to right way, responsibly, providing jobs and embracing existing transit services as well as our future high speed rail and respecting today's resources and climate challenges. we have to realize the way to grow in the future is to accommodate jobs so people can use public transit, walking and bicycling to get around. a new and large part of what it's all about is this new transit center, public amenities and private buildings expect to generate at least 25,000 job years of construction employment alone. when complete, this new district will accommodate at
least 27,000 permanent jobs here in our city. the office space provided for this plan will help ensure san francisco remains the knowledge economy center for the region, if not nationally. this new downtown district will accommodate 6 million square foot of new office space, new housing, 12 hundred affordable new house, 100,000 square foot of new retail space and of course a network of new and walkable streets. it's an important part of how we are paying for the critical infrastructure. many of you were hurt when agencies were limited in the state. but
here in this center, this plan em ploys the majority of the streets and parks and affordable housing by the value of private investment and using the power of tax increment financing. the value of the public land and the targeted developer fees and helping us create this vision without resorting to overburdening our general fund or new taxes. when this terminal was originally built in the 1930s it was a growing project. i'm confident the growth san francisco will continue to grow with a new transit center and downtown district. i also want to give a
great shot out to president obama, it was really his funds that helped us kick this off and pelosi and feinstein and boxer and their on going constant up to date support. at the state level, governor brown has been a very strong supporter and leaders of both houses, president stein house and president per ez have shown strong leadership. this check is much more symbolic of many many other checks that have come as a result of investor confidence in the city. i want to thank the labor for being part of all these projects and the business community for working closely with us and